Global food giant Nestlé established a DAT (Digital Acceleration Team) center in Dubai that is designed to monitor consumer attitudes about Nestle brands, using social media and data visualization, and also train and energize staff from other offices.

What we delivered

  • Fine Pixel Pitch Elliptical LED
  • 2 x Half Column Fine Pixel Pitch LED
  • 6 x Ultra Stretch LCD Displays
  • LCD Video Walls
  • Multi-Touch Displays
  • Centralized Content Management System
  • Meeting Room Solutions
  • Integration of all Digital Display Technology

One of several DATs that Nestlé has opened around the globe, the Dubai DAT in Jebel Ali works with brand teams on community management tools for running and monitoring campaigns. It also brings in brand agencies.

Nestlé uses DAT teams to build their brands. DATs act as in-house consultants for brands’ digital strategies.

The main video wall established by 2.0 provides DAT members WITH a broad, at-a-glance point of view on consumer sentiment by tapping into numerous, disparate content and data feeds available online - most of it focused on social media and analytics.