The Human Resource Development Fund of Saudi Arabia is opening more than Employment Centers around the Kingdom, and 2.0 was engaged to design and deliver the digital customer journey, with objectives of improving communications and the overall experience for visitors.

What we delivered

  • Fine Pixel Pitch Elliptical LED
  • 2 x Half Column Fine Pixel Pitch LED
  • 6 x Ultra Stretch LCD Displays
  • LCD Video Walls
  • Multi-Touch Displays
  • Centralized Content Management System
  • Meeting Room Solutions
  • Integration of all Digital Display Technology

Visitors arriving for appointments at HRDF centers check in at a touchscreen kiosk that provides a printed slip to assign their place on a waiting list. That queue management system displays status on screens in the comfortable waiting area, and assigns visitors to a designated meeting area when their numbers come up.

Digital displays around the facilities are also used to communicate to visitors and staff.

2.0 has introduced telepresence Beam robots to HRDF – remote-controlled tablets on wheels that can navigate around the centers to bring remote workers into discussions. Think of a web video or FaceTime session, with the participant’s face on the pedestal rising up from wheels, that the person can move around an office while sitting in another office across the country.